DogEatTreats100% Vegetal Dental Snack with Vitamins

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100% vegetal dental snack with vitamins. Banana, strawberry, apple and blueberry flavoured rice bones, a complementary food for dogs. Camon treats and snacks.

Quantity: 80 g
Size: 2,5 cm



-Gluten free formula

-With Vitamins

-Available in the convenient freshness pack.

Instructions for use: Not recommended for puppies under 4 months of age. Give 2 to 10 pieces daily according to the size of your dog, adjusting the daily food ration accordingly. Supervise your dog while eating the complementary feed. Always leave a bowl of fresh water at your dog’s disposal. Remove deoxidizer before use. Close the packaging after use. Store in a cool and dry place.

Production batch and best-before date / printed on the bottom of the pouch.

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