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Hygiene and Care products for cats and dogs. Pee pads, training pads, bamboo pads, cleansing wipes for cats and dogs (practical cleaning wipes, to clean the coat and paws, remove bad smell, clean the muzzle and ears of your pet), flea/tick collars (100% non-toxic), mist and mist for puppies, spray perfume for cats and dogs, shampoo, paw balm protection, toothpaste, toothbrush, dental spray, self cleaning brush, ear lotion etc. Pee pads are a must have dog supply! Ideal for speeding up puppy house breaking. May also be used with pets that are ailing, incontinent senior pets or pets that are indoors only. Pee pads are also great to use as an alternative elimination area when traveling, in hotel , in dog kennels.

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