Vet recommended, premium, grain-free, junk-free complete dry food for:

  1. Sensitive dogs
  2. Anxious or excitable dogs
  3. Mobility

Delicious treats that taste good & do good too.

Wheat-free and junk-free, selection of low-calorie hand baked mini-bone treats are ideal for training whilst providing your dog with functional health benefits

100% Natural, Wheat-free & Junk-free hand-baked treats for dogs

Healthy Dog Treats for:

  1. Cute puppies
  2. Small dogs
  3. Big dogs                                                                       

Special Dog Treats:
.✓ No sugar
✓ No Preservatives
✓ Recommended by Veterinarians
✓ No food additives ✓ Contains
nothing artificial
✓ No synthetic dyes
✓ Contains only selected ingredients
✓ GMO-Free (mutant free)
Consumed for natural, healthy ingredients 

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